9″ x 12″
I found this drawing in a sketchbook from years ago and on the facing page, this excerpt from Christian Peet’s book Pluto:

I take comfort in knowing that when the stars have all burned out, and their protons and neutrons have decayed into mere light particles and radiation, the universe will be in a state of almost complete disorder. And none of it will be my fault.

Go Down, Izzup

12″ x 16″


(aka: “Six-Fingered Goose Plucker”, aka: “The Pecos Butcher”)

Voice of the painter provides an oblique angle, not authority – spurious and unhelpful as any other, perhaps more so, when it comes to enjoying an image.

Maybe like voice of a cook, might make you more attuned to the tastes in the soup. But doesn’t make the soup taste any better to hear how it was cooked. Or what the turnips represent. Or how the soup relates to current discourses on soup.

Barnett Newman said something like “Aesthetics is to artists as ornithology is to birds.” But the desire to create a diptych experience – drawings in the margins of notes, or notes in the margins of drawings – I can see the point in that.


6″ x 8″


Robins have been gathering in our yard, dozens at a time, freaked by the ice, picking around frantic for food (not unlike everybody emptying the shelves at Kroger). At the top and side of this painting, I was going for the in-between light that works so well in the snow; the twilight that presses lavender in for shadows.

The idiomatic French phrase “entre chien et loup” captures it – when the light is such that you can’t tell a dog from a wolf – when the senses flicker and fail and things get unsettling.

President’s Day

9″ x 12″

It’s President’s Day, so I made a little drawing of the Constitutional Convention. That was a long time ago, so I did everyone as ghosts, which they all surely are.


11″ x 14″
A guy with an axe, and a floating one of those head cones they use on dogs.


11″ x 14″
From a ride up the Taconic Parkway, New York City to the Hudson area to see our friends Deb and Karl, and also Elwood, if that’s his real name.


11″ x 14″


At first I saw this painting as a picture of a sinking tugboat in an oval frame hanging on a wall. But then started to wonder if I’m not looking through a porthole at the doomed vessel. I hope whatever sunk that boat doesn’t sink the boat I’m in. Or maybe my boat is a gunboat that sank that boat.


11″ x 14″

I just opened my paints and things in my new studio and decided to do some paintings of some of the objects, like this little plastic tiger, I can’t seem to throw out, no matter how many yard sales I have. Boxes of this kind of thing. Maybe I’ll paint them, then immediately give them away.


11″ x 14″
More cutters from the NYPL photo archive.

I am running a studio sale for a few weeks, selling drawings and paintings from the Work-a-Day page on my new Saterstrom Studio site, and from now until Wednesday, I’m taking 30% off the listed price of all pieces included in the sale. If you have a wall, or know someone with walls, have a look and let me know if anything grabs you!


7″ x 10″


This one has several cartes de visites painted on top of one another. The props and backgrounds from different photographs mingling. Not that it matters, because at the end it’s still just a painting.


11″ x 14″
Going south from Rye to NYC.

Apple Cart

11″ x 14″


Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Philip Guston:

“I’m not so involved with what the other guy does. You’ve got to upset your own applecart.”