Book, exhibition and video collaboration with Anne Waldman
34 oil paintings, frieze 1′ x 45′, wall text
UA Poetry Center, Tucson, AZ 2011
(Waldman’s text is installed beneath the frieze when installed)

Scroll to see the full frieze


The Soldiering frieze is published with text by Anne Waldman as Soldatesque/Soldiering, Blaze Vox Press, 2011. To purchase Soldatesque/Soldiering (book and cover design by Kristen Nelson) — which also includes a related body of drawings and text by Waldman called “Dreams of Wartimes”, and an introductory essay by Bill Berkson — please visit the Blaze Vox website.

Oct 25th, 2011, 5 – 7pm, Univ. of Arizona Poetry Center, reading by Anne Waldman and Q&A with N.S. about the collaboration. See photos from the event.

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