9″ x 12″

A little corruption of Picasso’s “Night Fishing at Antibes” at MOMA; may be ill-advised to make a new version of a Picasso, but there it is. This one set at Palmyra, no doubt the next target of destruction by ISIS.


The title taken from Paul Simon’s song, which was taken from a photograph by Belgian photographer Lothar Wolleh, which was allegedly taken during WWII, but likely taken some time in the 1960’s. I think of this painting as related to other paintings I’ve done called Going To Shubuta, about my ancestors fleeing Natchez, Mississippi during the Civil War.

12″ x 12″
I’m endeavoring to make a portrait a day of ‘people of note’ – loosely defined – artists, writers, thinkers, actors, scientists, muppets, astronauts; you know, it’s pretty free form. A study in likenesses. If you have any requests, feel free to email them to me (noahsaterstrom@gmail.com) and I’ll add them to the list.

9″ x 12″
This is a version of an image that has something to do with wastrels up trees, either hiding from something, or avoiding flood waters, or playing in trees, or they live up there for all the dangers on the ground. I remember a kid in my class in school telling a story about his uncle (whose name is ‘Brother’, which was a point of confusion in the retelling) who got run up a tree by a wild boar. He stayed up there overnight. I think of that when I see this wastrel up a tree, but it doesn’t really have to do with boars. I could call this “Adam and Eve in the Garden” but it’s not about that either.

9″ x 12″
There are those trees in urban and suburban forested areas where teenagers have carved initials, declarations of love (such as they are capable of grasping) and various ways of drawing “I was here” type pronouncements for the ages. These scars bear wonderful qualities of line. I wish all drawings could be like that. This drawing isn’t about these things, but the tree and the scarification of many drawings under this drawing as it muscled through versions of itself, makes me think about things.

9″ x 12″
I found this drawing in a sketchbook from years ago and on the facing page, this excerpt from Christian Peet’s book Pluto:

I take comfort in knowing that when the stars have all burned out, and their protons and neutrons have decayed into mere light particles and radiation, the universe will be in a state of almost complete disorder. And none of it will be my fault.

12″ x 16″


(aka: “Six-Fingered Goose Plucker”, aka: “The Pecos Butcher”)

Voice of the painter provides an oblique angle, not authority – spurious and unhelpful as any other, perhaps more so, when it comes to enjoying an image.

Maybe like voice of a cook, might make you more attuned to the tastes in the soup. But doesn’t make the soup taste any better to hear how it was cooked. Or what the turnips represent. Or how the soup relates to current discourses on soup.

Barnett Newman said something like “Aesthetics is to artists as ornithology is to birds.” But the desire to create a diptych experience – drawings in the margins of notes, or notes in the margins of drawings – I can see the point in that.

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