Trailer in Distress, Flames

24″ x 24″

The photo quality here is truly shameful, but wanted to post the companion piece to the other.

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  1. frankie November 14, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    She was smoking in bed, leaning heavy on the heap of magazines, when the gallo took hold and she slid right down, eyes closed. The coal took in the pink ruffle on the comforter and a red vein flame circled, then spread, and there went Brad Pitt's handsome face as well as the indication that he's been cheating, also, Woman's World with its promise of cherry coffee cake and the measuring tape of weight loss but now there's another stir because the sleeping woman is coughing awake and just then the blue curtains above the bed catch and a chance breeze blooms it and she stumbles, blind and unthinking from the room, down the hall, there is nothing to be done but breathe and she is out into the cold, gasping, and there it goes, a whoosh follows her out, and she stands on the lawn until randolph next door comes running with a garden hose but it is all too late, and she knew it was coming, anyhow.